How glüh can help your business

Glüh provides ITSP’s with a fully automated end-to-end sales, quoting, procurement and delivery system, enabling even the smallest to provide competitive shop front facilities to clients.

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How does glüh help you grow revenue?

Glüh is the only SaaS platform for the IT services industry that will grow your revenue beyond normal quoting systems or online portals

Firstly, your customers want to buy more IT products from your business.
Secondly, glüh makes selling IT products easy and profitable.

The problem is that for an IT service provider, product sales are not core to business. And rarely profitable. Understandably therefore, offering a broader range of IT products is not properly considered; after all smart operators are focused on their core strengths.

This is why glüh exists! We make any service focused organisation "rock stars" at product delivery - with little effort and profitably.

Ten unique benefits of glüh

  1. Find products easier and sell much faster (less in the “too hard” basket). What can take one or two hours with other quoting tools usually takes two minutes with glüh. This means less quoting and more selling right away!
  2. Online shopfront, properly "merchandised" and mobile device responsive. A self-serve portal your clients will love to use. Products automatically managed.
  3. Full Australian GfK Etilize product information – the industry’s best (normally around $22,000 annually - included in glüh's subscription). Intelligent and unique linking of products from suppliers with slightly different manufacturer part numbers.
  4. Take an order or quote on your mobile device (great for onsite service tech's)
  5. The industry's fastest system to use and near impossible to "stuff up an order"
  6. Your staff will love glüh. Little, if any staff training required to get going
  7. Automated purchasing
  8. Best of breed SaaS platform means easier to set up and configure; be running and integrated to your systems in one to two hours! And with no server to manage, access glüh anywhere in the world
  9. Integration with industry best systems; ConnectWise, Autotask and Xero (API for other ERP integrations)
  10. The people at glüh are very responsive and don’t muck around. You get to deal with reliable people that are experts

Leverage the rich heritage of glüh

Simple is not easy; the processes and system of glüh have been honed over 26 years in a real business delivering Australian market leadership and benchmark operational efficiency. The system that is glüh today has been the cornerstone of this success.

SaaS platforms are disrupting every industry; smart businesses are utilizing integrated, best of breed SaaS solutions to business problems. What matters is not what you know; rather what you know in the moment when it counts. Disruption happens when interconnected platforms deliver this.

The team at glüh are passionate about bringing unique experience to hundreds of Australia’s MSP’s in a partnership to transform how businesses buy technology.

The combination of clever process, online merchandising knowhow and decades years’ industry experience adds a dimension to the smallest and the largest MSP for a broader engagement with their clients from SMB to enterprise.

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gluh founders

Glüh co-founders Andrew Rauber (L) and Lorenzo Coppa (R) share 42 years’ industry experience

“Amazon is a game-changer and encourages further online spending as eBay did. Glüh, in our opinion, is better because businesses trust the product offering of their MSP more than an impersonal marketplace. Glüh delivers a more specialised IT product range based on locally supported product which can be professionally installed by the MSP if required.”
Lorenzo Coppa, Co-founder glüh
“Glüh can be set up with just a few hours of your time. The inventory is always up-to-date according to your own supply rules and you – or your customers – can compare products, price and features with the click of a mouse”