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Glüh provides ITSP’s with a fully automated end-to-end sales, quoting, procurement and delivery system, enabling even the smallest to provide competitive shop front facilities to clients.

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The glüh platform evolved over 25 years and was the “secret sauce” of City Software (CSW) which had a long history of innovation in IT sales. Established in the early 90s, CSW grew to become one of Australia’s largest independent IT resellers in the 2000s and had the fastest growth in 2010 CRN Fast50 for a company over $45M turnover. Glüh provided the backbone consistently delivering 10,000 transactions per month with only 12 staff (customer-facing and procurement) because of the operational effectiveness of the system. There is no more efficient system than the processes embedded in glüh refined over a million transactions.

Why glüh today? Because businesses will buy more technology if they know what is available and it is easy to buy. Glüh empowers their trusted IT service provider to be the product expert on a broader range of products their clients are buying elsewhere today.

We are passionate about bringing our unique experience to hundreds of Australia’s MSP’s in a partnership to transform how businesses buy technology.

The combination of clever process, online merchandising knowhow and 26 years’ industry experience adds a dimension to the smallest and the largest MSP for a broader engagement with their clients from SMB to enterprise. Call glüh today to find out how.

We believe that the best technology solutions should enhance our lives and result in a human response, and for us that is a simple smile.

gluh founders

Glüh co-founders Andrew Rauber (L) and Lorenzo Coppa (R) share 42 years’ industry experience

“Amazon is a game-changer and encourages further online spending as eBay did. Glüh, in our opinion, is better because businesses trust the product offering of their MSP more than an impersonal marketplace. Glüh delivers a more specialised IT product range based on locally supported product which can be professionally installed by the MSP if required.”
Lorenzo Coppa, Co-founder glüh
“Glüh can be set up with just a few hours of your time. The inventory is always up-to-date according to your own supply rules and you – or your customers – can compare products, price and features with the click of a mouse”